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BOCINA Watering can

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Bocina is a watering can in fine bisque porcelain with a satin finish.

The BOCINA watering can does away with a separate handle and is therefore a joy to use even for the most cramped flowerpots and plants. It feels like the water is coming out of your hand.

  • Made of fine biscuit porcelain
  • Matt silk polished finish
  • Special surface grain for a secure grip
  • Fine and precise water flow
  • Available in three variations: white biscuit, noble black or Seladon porcelain
  • Translucent internal glaze
  • Each piece is signed with pure cobalt blue or gold colour
  • Manufactured in a traditional German porcelain factory

Making of the BOCINA Watering



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Product and Parcel weight 0,600 kg

Black, Celadon, White


21 cm


10 cm


24 cm

Filling volume

0,9 L


The BOCINA watering can is a further development of the BOCINA watering can designed by Mikaela Dörfel from Auerhahn.


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