Double Candle Holder TANGO


To the Double Candle Holder TANGO made of stainless steel inspired me dancing lovers. A wonderful wedding gift !

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Tall, elegantly curved candlesticks, inspired by a couple dancing tango. Just as the impulsive, elegant-passionate tango dance provides the viewer with so many impressions, so does this chandelier, which develops a different dynamic in every perspective.

In the pair of candlesticks, the curved arm in the middle of the candlestick is slightly offset from one another, so that the candlesticks can be interlocked, but also create an exciting picture next to one another. With every slight rotation of the candlesticks as an interlaced pair or when both candlesticks are next to each other, a new, surprising view emerges.

A wonderful wedding gift - because the TANGO chandelier symbolically picks up the couple's theme of being intertwined with one another and standing with one another in a light and elegant way.

Original design in highly polished stainless steel.

– Material: Stainless Steel
– Height: 32 cm
– 2 part candle holder
– for taper candles
– ideal gift



The candlestick was previously sold under the brand DOUBLE candlestick from Menu.

Weight 2.5 kg