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PEAK Bonboniere

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The idea for the Peak bonbonniere in brass look was created at the sight of endless sand dunes in the glistening sunlight.

The small, lidded bowl with its unique shape is a beautiful eye-catcher for jewellery, small snacks or as a pill box.

  • Made of fine biscuit porcelain
  • Matt silk polished finish
  • In drei Varianten erhältlich: weiß mattes Porzellan oder in den besonders wertvollen Porzellanmassen Seladon und Kobaltblau
  • Translucent internal glaze
  • Each piece is signed with pure cobalt blue or gold colour
  • Manufactured in a traditional German porcelain factory




Product and Parcel weight 1 kg
Dimensions N/A
Product Weight

500 Gramm




Bei der Peak Porzellan Dose handelt es sich um eine Weiterentwicklung der Stelton Bonbonniere in Messingoptik.

Height and diameter

11 cm x 7 cm


Seladon, Weiß, Kobaltblau, Wähle eine Variante

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