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Design Accessoires für die gehobene Hotellerie

Mit dem TANGO Kerzenleuchter von Mikaela Dörfel hinterlassen sie einen eleganten Eindruck bei ihren Gästen.

Designed für die gehobene Hotellerie

Der Kerzenleuchter TANGO ist in jedem Business, Design oder Luxus Hotel ein Blickfang und bereitet allen Besuchern ein Wohlfühlerlebniss.

Designed by Mikaela Dörfel

Tall, elegantly curved candlesticks, inspired by a couple dancing tango. Just as the impulsive, elegant-passionate tango dance provides the viewer with so many impressions, so does this chandelier, which develops a different dynamic in every perspective.

Mikaela Dörfel Tango Double Candleholder

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Mikaela Dörfel

For many years I have been working as a designer for well-known brands in the design-oriented living ambience around the table setting and for the international gastronomy.


I have a special preference for porcelain, glass and metal. I am inspired above all by nature with all its facets, as well as art and architecture. Since I grew up in Finland, Scandinavian design has had a special influence on me.

In all design projects I attach great importance to the simplest possible design idea, which is implemented consistently and elegantly. This results in a clear design language which, together with good functionality, ensures the longevity of the products. Numerous international awards confirm this.

Through my many years as a design manager at Rosenthal and for the porcelain manufacturer Fürstenberg, I have developed a strong brand and quality awareness, which now also benefits my brand.

Here I present my special design favorites, which I sell as a small exquisite collection. I hope to inspire you with this selection and hope you enjoy the products!

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